Hello :)


Hello Peeps.

My name is Ania and, that’s probably all you need to know about me for now, as I’m not gonna bore you with the story of my life – I’m here to share with you my passion for fashion. I ain’t no fashion guru nor am I here to tell you what you should or should not wear, but I know for a fact, that my closet is so full, that if I give it another push, the clothes-heavy shelves will easily break the wall between my  & my neighbour’s house and land in the middle of his bedroom :). Having said that, I thought to myself that I may as well make some use out of my huge wardrobe and share the insides of it with whom may find it interesting.

I love experimenting with fashion and trying different things. That’s why I don’t have one defined style, and one day you can see me wearing a LBD, yet another, running around the city in pumps, my fave shorts & an over-sized tee. For as much as I love comfort, and if I could, I would wear my trainers to death, I was born a ‘short ass’ 🙂 (the only nick-name I’ve ever had was ‘little girl’, and it was given to me on separate occasions in 3 different languages, cailín beag, mala Ania & Chiquitita, which only proves the point 😦 ) so you will see me putting together outfits that go with high-heels only, as often as the ones that you wear flats with. I’m very much a girly girl, but I also like the cool & trendy, man-like style. Therefore I hope everyone will find here something to their liking, and if not, that’s ok too, cos fashion should be all about fun, there should be no strict rules that need to be followed (lets leave following to Twitterland:)).

I will be posting pictures of outfits that I put together myself (so called outfit’s of-the-day), as well as my inspirations (from other blogs, my pinterest site, my fashions icons) and links to trendy fashion sites. I will write about what’s hot and what’s not and everything that should be forbidden too (or what is, in other words – totes-awky-momo) 🙂 . I’ll try to show how to re-use the same piece of clothing a few times, or give it a new feel it by either dressing it up or down by a simple change of the accessories or putting a pop nail colour on. I’ll help you find some more affordable alternatives to the designer label pieces. Finally, I’ll share with you my favourite fashion finds and advice on how to dress to impress.

I value your opinion, so always feel free to share with me your words of wisdom as well as the silly thoughts! 🙂

Happy reading!




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