Mixing fabrics, colours and styles.. You say it’s a ‘No no!’, I say ‘Why not!’ :)


Finally it has arrived! 🙂 My first post out of ‘Outfit of the day’ series, in which I will be taking you through the insides of my wardrobe, and of what occasionally lands on the floor (due to lack of space in my closet) :). So beware! As it will be a ‘no handlebars’ type of journey 🙂 I’m only messing! My outfits are rather safe, but definitely not boring!

I always try to mix different styles, to keep my outfits interesting and unique. I put together pieces, that at a first sight may seem to be an unusual combination, but they are the ones that get me the most compliments! If you give an outfit your own twist, you can be sure you will create something memorable (Forget-Me-Not *wink wink*) 🙂 The golden rule to rembember tho, is not to try too hard, as we may end up looking ‘over the top’ or tacky. It’s all about felling well and comfortable in what we are wearing, and if we get to turn a few heads around at the same time, well, that’s a bonus! 🙂

So here it comes. My confession… as yes, I’ve sinned. For my casual office look I’ve put together the following pieces (which at a first glance don’t go together at all): Black leather with brown leather. Biker jacket with a lace top. Pleated skirt with ‘rocky’ jewelry. Black tights with wedges. You may ask if I got some shampoo in my eyes and couldn’t see straight that morning, but no, there’s a 
method in my madness! 🙂 I’ve committed all crimes in one go, you may think, but does it really look that bad? See for yourself!

Here’s Yay! to a romantic rock chic ;o)



Leather jacket: Sisley; bag: Warehouse; wedges: New Look; top: Mango, skirt: N.W.3; necklace: River Island; belt: Zara

Photos by: Foka

Fashion find of the week!

Warehouse bag (as in the pictures above), nearly the same as the one by Francoise Tote, except 3 times cheaper 🙂


Link below!


Thanks for your time and Ciao for now



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