About what studded shoes, Batman and BBQ have in common.


Growing up with three older brothers has some impact on a little girls life, it has to be said. From learning how to throw a proper punch (when I’d  found my Barbie doll with her hair cut short) through playing with cars, to watching the Ninja Turtles, my brothers somehow influenced and helped me define my taste in film/music. So it was in my early years when I developed my passion for Batman, my favorite from all the super-heroes. I awaited the premiere of the Dark Knight Rises for a while now, and had the tickets booked nearly 2 months in advance (hope my brothers are proud of me now). I went to see it last week. It was epic. It was a fantastic ending part of the trilogy. Beautifully shot (I mean photography-wise!) and I really enjoyed the fact that it wasn’t fully loaded with special effects. Overall, a great action movie that makes you keep your breath in for a big part of it– highly recommended!

What has Batman to do with my fashion-blog, though? Well, it’s such a cool movie that I thought that I should appreciate it by wearing a cool outfit.  I know, I’m silly like that 🙂 I tested the outfit at a BBQ first.

I went for another one of the cool, but girly outfits again. I put together my favourite khaki-green combats, but to soften them up a little, and not to look too much like Lara Croft (you see – another brother’s influence! and yes, I know I’ve flattered myself a lil bit here with Lara’s comparison) I combined it with some more girly elements. I added a peach blouse, golden jewellery and peach, studded flats.

Blouse: Zara, belt: H&M; combats: Sisley; cardigan: Warehouse; shoes: Zara; sunglasses: Penneys

Photos by: Foka

Studded flats are a must have this season. I loved the idea of them from the first sight, although was keep looking for a perfect pair that would suit my taste best. There are many variations of them. The ones with spiky studs, some shiny ones, and some, that more remind me of a women’s self-defence accessory than footwear – I’m only joking!). They come in many colours too, so there’s something for nearly everybody’s liking 🙂

ZaraNature BreezeTop ShopLouboutinLouboutin

Here’s my personal choice, by Zara.

PS. Due to a lot of complaints on the lack of mentions about fashion for men (and they say they’re not demanding :)) and simply to appreciate their effort of reading this in a first place, there will be a post dedicated to male fashion coming soon. Watch this space!



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