Note to Guys: Want to be trendy? – dress like an onion!


Ok Lads, it is time to look after you now. You may now say to yourself – ‘be careful what you wish for’, but don’t blame me, you’ve asked for it yourself! I will do it with and absolute pleasure, as I not only like to dress up myself, but I also can’t deny that the view of a well dressed man is pleasant on the eye! I could easily dress my man, (that would mean more shopping for me!), and I’m sure men appreciate a little bit of help in this area of life. As lets be honest – putting together two socks out of the same pair is high enough challenge for most men, and as far as their skills of matching two separate pieces of clothing go. 🙂

If you don’t know how to dress to look good follow the 3 simple rules and you’ll be safe:

Rule No1 – no matter how much you love your rugby team, or how passionate you are about football, sports jersey is not the most glamorous outfit that you can get yourself into. It should be reserved to wear at the matches, post game-drinks in the pub, at the pitch with your mates – not on a night out or dinner with friends. Full stop. Once you remember this rule, you’re half way through to success.

A piece that I’m sure all Lads are gonna love – creased shirt by Firetrap – one that you won’t have to iron!

My favorite shirt from the collection, a class piece that you cold easily dress up or down, depending on occasion.

Colours this season focus on chocolate brown, forest green and tan, offset with pops of burnt orange, burgundy and cobalt blue.

Rule No2 – have more than 2 pairs of shoes, (ie. Your favourite pair of snickers and work footwear). Palms of hands, that are well looked after, and man’s shoes are two things that represent him at a first sight. It’s ok if you love your trainers, but you will impress not only ladies, but also your mates (yes, they may slag you, but I promise you it’s out of jealousy!), if you put some other footwear on with your chinos. Luckily there are a lot of options to choose from, from still continuing to lead the trends – moccasins, to loafers, so guys, go shoe hunting!

Rule No3 – Layer it up. If you want to look cooler or trendy, but are not confident enough in matching things together (afraid of ending up looking like a hipster, while aiming for David Beckham’s look). A simple t-shirt and jeans can be turned into a chic outfit if you throw a tweed or tailored jacket over it. A safe, check shirt will look so much cooler if you wear a jumper or heavy knitwear on top of it. Also waistcoats will be a must have accessory this coming season, as it’s all about the ‘outwear’ and layering in AW12. Don’t be afraid to mix textures, as fabric blocking will also take a lead. Here are a few examples from the Arnotts new collection.

Does this waistcoat not make this combo so much cooler?

Attention to detail is a base to perfection.

Layers, layers, layers! 

Velvet jacket? Yum!

I can tell you all about how I’ve put up pics of Beckham here, because he’s a style icon and best dressed man on the planet (who he btw is), but who am I fooling – I did it for my own pleasure! Awwh *daydreaming*

Well Lads, it’s your turn to turn a few heads around now, so enjoy!

All the presented above pieces will be available soon at Menswear department at Arnotts – in my opinion, the best male department in Ireland with the greatest offering. See for yourself!


P.S. Another ‘outfit of the day coming soon’. Very soon 🙂

A. x


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