Maxi skirts, aztec prints & tribal jewelry


Today’s ‘Outfit of the Day’ equals my favourite outfit of the summer (yes there’s only one – I told you it’s how long summer lasts in Ireland!)

Maxi skirts (and dresses) making its return to our wardrobes nearly every summer, especially when it comes to packing our holiday suitcase, although this year they came back with a bang. They came in all fabrics, colours and forms and looking more girly and flattering than ever.

How to wear them? They’re usually 2 meters long (well, nearly), so if a short ass like me decides to put one on, they become  public servants – as they wipe the floors everywhere they go 🙂 Why did you think O’Connell Street was so clean this summer? And my route down home? I think we should get paid for this type of service. 🙂 Anyway, going back to the point, I have two different methods of how to wear a maxi skirt to avoid its contact with the ground. First and very simple solution, is to put some wedges on. As the skirts are usually very delicate make sure that the wedge is not too high, and quite light in their appearance. Don’t go for the chunky ones that will make the outfit look heavy. Delicate sandals are ok too. That’s a perfect way to wear a maxi skirt, especially if you want to make your outfit look a little bit dressy.  Nice jewellery, clutch bag and some cute top will turn it into ‘dinner out’ outfit.

The other, my favourite way to wear a maxi skirt though, is by dressing it down, so it’s perfect to wear during the day. It is extremely comfortable (especially in the warmer days), very firly, flattering and trendy outfit. To achieve that look, you wear the skirt with flats – sandals or pumps, throw a simple t-shirt or and accessorise with some chunky jewelry. How to avoid the contact with the floor while wearing flats? I simply pull the skirt higher up, so I can decide where I want my waist to appear to be (then you can enhance the narrowest part of your body) and put a bell around the edge of the skirt. This way or the other, a maxi-skirt elongates your body and makes you look really girly and trendy! I’ve got 3 in my wardrobe, one of which (the dark grey one), I plan to wear during the colder days!! Then you just add tights, ankle boots & cardigan or jacket to wear over your shoulders.

Denim jacket: Zara; top: Bershka; skirt: Pull&Bear; belt: H&M; shoes: Arnotts; sunglasses: Oasis

To complete my outfit I’ve put together my peach maxi-skirt with a white top with an Aztec print – these are another trend this summer (which will continue throughout autumn – so stock up in Aztec tops, skirts & jumpers – or even ankle boots with a printed ankle sleeve!). I worn a simple necklace with my outfit, but another way to go is to wear a chunky tribal necklace – which leads the trends in jewellery this year, and completes the outfit perfectly.

Over my shoulders I’ve put a denim jacket, which surprise surprise, are back too! And moccasins on my feet.

Trends this summer:

Maxi skirts by Asos

Olivia Palermo rocking the aztec-printed skirt

Jervoise shirt

Love, love, love those two skirts!

Urban Outfitters have a nice range of aztec-printed clothing

Skirt by Top Shop

I want this cardigan!!

Tribal JewelrySuzanna Dai Casablance necklace

Top Shop

How to pack your holiday suitcase coming soon!

Ciao for now!



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