Road Trip


I already talked about how to keep our men stylish, when they love their sporty clothes, but what about us, women? Lets be honest, we love comfort too, and even though at this stage walking in high heels I’ve mastered to perfection (I could seriously run a marathon in heels!), there are some occasions when heels are not only a pain in the neck, but also simply do not look appropriate. During the weekend away or while on a road trip we not only can but should wear comfortable clothes, otherwise we will just look like we don’t belong 😛 That doesn’t neccesairly mean that we need to swap our mini skirts for a tracksuit (as these are great for cosy nights in fornt of a TV or for a jog in the park), but we can throw some cosy outfit on and look stylish. Here’s my idea of an outfit for a road trip, and hey – I can still climb that mountain or jump over the hedge 🙂

Metntioned in my earlier post aztec print, has a separate space on my shelf now, and here’s another top from my collection. You can wear simple t-shirts all year round, still looking like you’re in the know, when it comes to fashion, as long as you stick to the trendy patterns and styles. So here I am – wearing my dk red skinnies (burgundy is the colour of AW12, so make sure you havea a pair of skinnies or a coat in that colour this season!), loose tee and wedge heel snickers (one of my favorite innovations this season) and I feel sporty & flirty all at the same time. The detail, necklace (of the tribal series) will be my pass in to the pub or a restaurant when climbing that hill takes its tall of me and it’s time to grab a bite! Yes, I always think of everything!  🙂


Top: River Island; trousers: Guess; necklace: Penneys; shoes: Buffalo

If you don’t like heeled trainers, and want to keep it super-comfy, there’sa  whole range of the flat ones, which are just as cool!




Top Shop

Top Shop

River Island

River Island -I want!

River Island

Burgundy pants – taking the lead this season!

Top Shop


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