Colour up the music in(on) your head! :)


I don’t know how about you, but I cannot live without music. It wakes me up every morning, helps me switch off on the way home, and highlights every journey in the car. On public transport, it helps me to block out all the random (sometimes really, really random) coversations of the fellow travellers. I have different playlists for different days of the week (the Monday one is especially important, to give me a kick for the whole week), for different moods and one for the gym/jogging. It was a sad (not to say trumatic) day when I smashed my iPod, with lifetime collection of music on it 😦 I think I actually shed a tear that day.

If I forget my earphones in the morning, I know I’ll be half asleep in work and my good mood will kick in later than usually, so I always have a back-up set in work, which I can use on my way back. To my horror, in one week I managed to destroy 3 pairs of earphones!! Not possible? Yes, I can! 😛 One pair accidentally landed in my morning tea, the other two I ran over with my chair in work (I think me not having a driving license must have had something to do with it!). That’s when I’ve decided – it’s times to swap my mini earhphones for haedphones. I hope even I won’t be able to break these!

The times when headphones were worn only by the geek’s or at the German Love Parade are long gone. The producers are competing with each other with new and coller designs. This summer, a new range of colorful headphones form Beats by Dr. Dre are taking the lead. They’re a must have gadget this year! Something cool to colour up your thoughts and make you look trendy before you even open your wardrobe!

I’m going for the red & dk blue ones! How about You? 🙂

Heare are some latest designs of  Beats by Dr. Dre and Monster headphones, available online and in HMV and other music store.

Diamond Tears by Monster

Diamond Tears in Black – Diesel design, Monster



Beats by Dr. Dre


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