Target: Printed Pants!


Just like peplum tops this spring, or neon colours in the just gone summer, printed pants are a must have element in your wardrobe for the second half of the year. From floral, through aztec, to moro patterns there’s a variety of prints to choose from. It’s a very handy way to stay trendy, especailly when you don’t want to spend a lot of time thinking of what to wear. By swapping your regular jeans or colour skinnies, for printed ones, you will look fashionable straight away, even when you wear just a simple t-shirt with them. For the eve, maybe try a plain top with a chunky necklace and replace pumps with high heels, and voila! Cool look achieved!

To all the skeptics – I must admit, at the very beggining I wasn’t convienced to printed pants myslef. To even think of wearing something that will only highlight what I hate most about my figure – thighs, I had a repulsive reaction. But I’ve tried, and to my surprise,  the result wasn’t bad at all. See my firts attempt!

I didn’t buy these flower-printed pants in the end, as I wasn’t mad about the pattern, but I discovered that I have a butt! Yay – that’s the first time 😉 As yes, some patterns may optically add you some curves (where you need it), but not to an extent which could make you feel uncomfortable in your own skin.

If you still feel like printed pants may add you a few centimetres here and there, but are eager to stay trendy and wear them anyway, go for the ones with a looser fit. They may be puffy around your tights (accidentally on purpose ;)) but are tight around the waits and ankles which will elongate your figure. Also try models with black straps one each side, they can do wonders! They will optiaclly slim down your legs. Small patterns (leopard print, polka dot) are safe enough too, so there’re plenty to choose from.

Urban Outfitters

Top Shop, I want!!


Urban Outfitters, Love!!

Top Shop

Top Shop




I’m already on a mission to find a perfect pattern for myself! You also hurry, before every body else gets in there before you! 🙂

Ciao for now!


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