Too cool for school – trend leaders, not followers! Pleather, leopard print & banana legs :)


Every one of us can be a trend leader (well, some of us probably less than the others- that ‘wear a Pyjama in public’ trend never really made it to the big world, did it? At least they’ve tried – the brave ones!). It’s easy to pick up from the shops what’s been already seen in the magazines and noticed on the streets (and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! I do the same all the time, especially when I simply don’t have the time to check out the new arrivals in stores on regular basics, and usually get there last) but I’m pretty pleased with myself when I discover a piece of clothing, which I absolutely fall for, and which a few weeks later, turns out to be an absolute hit of the season :)Some people may forget, or not even notice, that I got it first, but the sweet feeling of satisfaction will be with me every time I put that outfit on 😉 It’s really not that hard, all one needs to be a trend leader is.. a little bit of confidence in your own taste. In the past, if a saw a new trend coming in, and wasn’t convinced if I fully liked it or not, I decided to hold on with my purchase and see how I will feel about it later. Few weeks after, while walking down the streets I’d notice half of the woman’s nation wearing the same item, which because of my earlier hesitation they got before me! Damn me! I’m sure the same happened to you at lest once!

But I’ve changed my tactic now. Partially because I have much less time for shopping than I had in the past (thanks to Bey-JayZys) , and partially because  I simply care less if anybody thinks that I look like a weirdo in mustard pants. As long as like it and feel comfortable in it, I buy it. I just go with the flow. And who cares if they call me banana-legs! (that was my nick-name in my teenage years, which I earned when ONE day in my life I showed up in school in yellow Lee  jeans that I got form my older sister. That morning, when I put them on I thought I was the coolest kid on the planet, but by the end of the day I just wanted to erase it form my memory for the rest of my life :))

Anyway –going back to the point. Back in November last year I got this black-pleather skirt, which I thought was kinda cool, and which now, turns out to be a must-have fashion item! Leather is big this season, and leather skirts are in the lead. That only proves that I should never hesitate if I like something and just buy it! It may take a while for the masses to understand the coolness of a cool banana-legged kid, but they will get it eventually. (I’m only messing here!!). When I saw those leopard print ankle boots (in pictures below) I thought, wow – I want these! So I bought them. I will get the strange looks every so often for the 1st two months of wearing them, but in month no three I can bet leopard printed shoes will flash in front of your eyes every time you cross the street! So just go with your gut!

And that’s how you become a trend leader 🙂

Jumper: Mango, skirt: Penneys, bag: Carry, boots: Barratts, necklace: Warehouse; sunglasses: Ray Ban

Photos by: Foka


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