Laid-back, *ahem*, business-casual dress code for work.. :)


I don’t know how about you, but I hate uniforms! Thankfully I never had to wear one in school, and even if I did, I would probably break all the rules along the way, and make it my own, by adding printed tights or colourful jacket to it! People who know me, know well enough that even my socks are selected to complete my outfit carefully! They need to be colourful, no matter how elegant the rest of my clothes is. (I like to believe that they represent the fun part of my personality). I remember one evening in college in particular that summarized it all. I run to college straight from work (and didn’t get a chance to get changed) so I looked pretty smart – I was wearing elegant pants, some fancy blouse and ankle boots. As I got to the classroom I sat myself comfortable in the first row , just to reveal my socks – with yellow chickens & pink hearts printed on them, sticking out from my boots! My teacher, facing us directly, burst out laughing at them (not to say at me!). Morto! Ah well…, you need to be able to laugh at yourself sometimes 🙂

The same goes for work, I wouldn’t like to be restricted by some office dress-code that wouldn’t allow me to wear what I like and feel comfortable in, and would impose certain style of dressing. I don’t think my outfit defines me, but it definitely helps me to express myself and my personality. Luckily, I work in fashion industry, and the rules in my office are not as constrained. I still need to look presentable and quite elegant, but I can give my outfit my own twist. I like to call it business casual!

What to wear to look sharp & elegant without wearing a pencil skirt? It can be a blouse and smart shorts, simple top and a skirt, or jeans and a blazer, but to feel most comfortable, I always put my bet on skinnies (preferably black) and some smart-ish blouse or top. I always try to have at least one blazer in the office, which I can wear with my outfit if unexpectedly I need to attend an un-scheduled meeting or if I need to look smarter for any other reason (you see, some of us simply are smart, others, like me, need to make up for it by wearing smart jackets ;)).

I know that some of you need to look a bit more professional in work (suit, skirt+blouse combo, etc), and presented below outfit may be too informal for you. In that case, I hope it will a least be suitable for your casual Friday!

On that note, bring on Friday, when we all can wear what we want! 🙂


Top: Zara; jeans: Top Shop; clutch bag: H&M; shoes: Top Shop; sunglasses: Zara

Ciao A.


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