(High) Street chic!


“Fashion can be bought. Style one must possess.”  – These wise words by Edna Woolman Chase, are one of my favorite quotes about fashion. It only proves that it is not the money that you spent on clothes that define your presence and the way people perceive you, but how you carry yourself and your personal approach to fashion. To me elegance and sophistication are inseparable parts of being stylish. The right pieces of clothing may be bought, but it is how you wear them together that create your overall look. You can buy the most expensive designer skirt, but look trashy, or wear a high-street dress and be a queen of elegance. It’s all about the right proportions. If you decide to wear a skimpy top, go for pants rather than mini-skirt to go with it. If you wear shorts, try boots rather than high-heels.

Ok, we all went through a stage in our lives when we though that less-was-more, and that tighter the clothes were, the more attractive we seemed. I did too. Not only my clothes always looked like they were a size too small, but I’d also make sure that my hair was knotted into such tight pony-tail at the back of my head, that I think my eyes were abut to come out of the eye-balls. (“If it fits me, it means that IS the right size, Mom”). Oh boy! So glad I’m not 16 anymore…!!

Girls, more is always more when it comes to clothing! Leave that little bit of mystery behind you when you leave the room. And don’t worry about the labels and prices of your clothes, as the style comes from within 🙂

To follow my rules outlined above, with my leather skinnies I decided to wear simple top with a loose fit. Leather inserts on the sleeves tie up with the pants, and along with the folkloristic print of my top, represent the trends of AW12. The colours of my t-shirt will let me keep some of the summer during the colder days! Blue, oranges and teal (mind the bag!) are key this season!

Top: Reserved; pants: Zara; shoes: New Look; bag: Fiorelli; sunglasses: Ray Ban

Photos by: Foka


A x


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