Velvet & fluffs – cosy way into winter.


Cold winter days may be just around the corner, but lets not allow the weather to cool down our moods, as AW12 wardrobe has our back when it comes to warm outfits, in form of soft & cosy fabrics. Except for fur, which I was writing about in my last post, big this season will also be fluffy jumpers (which I´m probably most excited about), and velvet pieces. Yeah I know – they usually are a major men repeller, but on a cosy night in, there´s nothing better than a cosy oversized jumper!

When it comes to velvet pieces, be conscious of how you wear it and where you wear it, as it may not be appropriate for every occasion. Velvet can be elegant and sophisticated, but if used in the wrong combo, it may age you a bit, and worn in the wrong colour, can make your outfit look tacky. Black or vine jacket is always a safe choice, but try to avoid bright intense coulous, like royal blue or light green.

I´m not a huge fan of velvet dresses or skirts, and plain jacket sounded like the only solution for me, if I wanted to stick to this fabric, but luckily I found a perfect item for me! Those cute little shorts from Top Shop are a young and cool way of staying within the velvet trend.

Velvet shorts, fluffy jumper, bowler hat (now I just need to grow a moustache to finish my look ;p), some accessories and a cool Kid from the Block was born 😉 To make my outfit a bit more girly, and keep it consistent with the elegance of the velvet shorts, instead of wearing heavy boots (like I normally would with short-pants) I went with high heeled ones. Now, off to town I go! 🙂




Top, shorts & hat: Top Shop; boots: Primark; scarf: Reserved; jewelery: Warehouse; bag: Accessorize

Photos by: Foka




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