Good Girl gone BAD.


Dresses, floral prints and bows in the hair, it’s all nice and pretty, but sometimes even a girly girl like me likes to loosen up a little bit and show her dark(er) side. I’m a rock-chick at heart and the cheeky part of my personality comes to the surface from time to time. That’s when I like to put my pants on and turn into this ‘dangerous girl’. 😉 Ok. I’ve heard it! My name and dangerous can’t really be put together in one sentence, without sounding ridiculous 😉 but I have a feisty streak in me sometimes!

Thankfully, rock-chick style never goes out of date. With military style being one of the main trends, the collections this season, are, yet again, rich in aggressive clothing pieces – finished off with, studs, spikes or chains.  So if you want to give your look a bit more character, and a rock it up, there’s plenty to choose from! From heavy boots, that go with nearly any outfit, through mentioned earlier studs, to leather jackets (check out this site with some really cool biker jackets! J.O.D Clothing), you can make your outfit look sharp and rough.

For my ‘bag girl’ look I went for some classic pieces like skinny pants with zips, simple t-shirt (you see – even my ‘dangerous’ tee says Peace!) with chains on the shoulders, and of course – killer heels!

Top: Top Shop; pants: All Saints; bag Warehouse; boots: Aldo

Photos by: Foka



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