In search of: perfect parka!


The clocks going backwards, are reminding me that the days are not only getting shorter, but also colder. I wrote about what to wear to work or on a casual day out, but now its time to talk a little bit more about the outwear! Brrr! In line with classic coats and fur jackets, this year’s must haves for winter cover everybody’s needs, and vary from puffa jackets, through bright coloured or oversized – many-like coats, to parkas. Having a few classic winter coats in my wardrobe already, (which probably would be enough to get me through the winter – if not two!) I decided to buy the most casual of them all – a parka! So the search begun! I say search, cos whoever knows me –knows that I don’t just buy my clothes on the spot. If I have something that I want to buy in my mind, I go to at least 3 or 4 shops, and compare the pieces they have available, before I make up my mind I choose the lucky winner 🙂 I’m a terrible decision maker, and there is a lot of thinking involved before I make my mind up. It’s a terrible habit to have – and I lost nearly all my shopping companions, at this stage, as no one is patient enough to accompany me in my shopping escapades. So I developed this new habit – I visit the shops myself, Try on the pieces I like, take some quick snap shots with my phone, and later compare the pieces on my phone. With pictures in hand, I can always ask for an opinion if needed, without putting my friends through the challenging experience of shopping with me 🙂 and now I’m also able to share them with you! Here are some of the parkas I tried on before I picked my favourite, check it out!

Pull & Bear

Top Shop



River Island


And the Winner is…!!

Parka jacket: Zara; shorts: Vero Moda; denim shirt: Zara; scarf: Primark; shoes: River Island

Photos by: Foka




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