Old classics with a modern twist: embellished collars


Dinner out, coffee with an old friend or a business-casual meeting – there’s no situation where a plain white shirt/blouse and a pair of dark jeans combo could fail you. It’s a saving grace when you’re stuck for something sensible & smart to wear, but don’t want to look over-dressed. It fits just right in-between elegance and smart-casual style and never goes out of fashion. This season, to rock up your white shirt look, you can either borrow your boyfiends plain white shirt and button it right to the top, buy a model with studs on the pockets/shoulders, or find one with embelishments on the collar. Alternatilvey, you can dig out your old shirt/blouse and add a modern twist to it by simply accessorizing it. Invest in a lil bow tie, or neclace-collar, which you can wear later with your other pieces even with a plain jumper! You can find them in both – clothing and jewelry shops. Check out Top Shop, Zara, Moschino, and my latest find – great jewelry brand – Vocco (http://www.vocco.eu/ ) to find one for yourself!

Blouse: Ted Baker; jeans: Levi’s; bag: Parafois; shoes: Zara: bracelet: Vocco

Here are other examples of some really cool and gorgeous collars!


Ribbon Luxe

Top Shop

Juicy Couture

New Look

Photos by: Foka



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