Orient express – outfit ready in 5 minutes!


I was yet again late for work.. As I always am, when I don’t prepare my outfit for the morning the night before.. I know it’s sad – but for some reason, nothing seems to match or look presentable enough, when  open my wardrobe at 6:30 in the morning! I blame the early hour! Anyway – I have an ultimate solution – that saves me on those early-start days! It’s simply a shirt (any colour, shape or size), in combination with – the pair of pants that happens to be clean 😉 Shirt, even the simplest one, always looks presentable, and like a ‘put together’ outfit (even when it’s not ;)). In the past few years we were really lucky, as shirts took an important place in the fashion industry, which resulted in new designs being produced every season. From mentioned in my latest post – classic white shirt, through denim shirts, ones with check or stripey print, to ones decorated with studs, collars, elbow/shoulder patches to delicate blouses with decorative buttons – there’s a whole range of shirts to choose from, each and every-one of which will make you feel and look trendy no matter the occasion. It’s a quick and easy  outfit, as you can match it either with skinny pants (try the shirts with loosesr fit), shorts or any type of a skirt. If you think shirts make you look wider, try wearing a belt around your waist to enchance the female shape! For girsl with smaller bust – pick a shirt with pockets on the chest, ideally decorated with studs, sequins or any other embelishment, which will optically add you a few centimiters in that area 😉 The trendy girls, can simply button the shirt right to the top, and look fashionable even in a shirt which was bought two seasons ago 🙂 To stay on top of the trends – just pick a shirt with fashionable pattern – check, manly military shape (which I will write about in the next post) or like me, with an oriental print! When the pattern of your shirt or blouse is colourful/busy, don’t mess with the bottom part of your outfit and wear plain colours with it. Voila, you’re ready to go! 🙂


Blouse: gift; pants: Zara; boots: Aldo; clutch: Primark: necklace: Vocco (http://vocco.eu)

Photos by: Foka




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