Wardrobe ‘must have’: perfectly cut blazer.


To continue the  discussion about wardrobe must have’s, in my opinion, every Girl should invest in a perfectly cut blazer.  And not only for the formal occasions! It’s not only classy and appropriate for nearly every situation, but also super comfortable to wear during autumn, instead of heavy jackets, before the snow season starts. It can turn any of your outfits into something more elegant, so it’s handy to have one piece  with you (in the car, work place, etc) at all times. I always have one or two hanging in my office, just in case I have to smarten-up my look quickly 🙂 If you are not a fan of formal clothes (just like me!) look for a blazer that is nicely tailored and has a modern cut. That way you will keep the smart look, but will add a younger feel to it.

What’s In at the moment in the jacket world? The chanel-like blazer jackets. There are with us for a long while now, but every so often they are being modernized by some funky or grungy inserts and add ons–  like zips, chains, studs, or padded shoulders. What’s coming back? Jackets made of classy fabrics – velvets and tweeds. What’s New? Manly shaped and over-sized blazers. Out of the lot I put my bet on the manly, oversized ones, but for now, have a look at my outfit with a  nicely fitted, white blazer with a modern, straight cut. It was one of my lucky buys, as it goes nearly with everything, one of those pieces that you can wear until it falls apart 😉 I’ve worn it with light dresses during the summer, and as you can see it also goes really well with jeans and woolly jumper. It’s worth the investment, so I would recommend getting  a nice blazer, to every Girl out there!

Blazer: Mango; top: Mango; jeans: Levi’s; boots: Reserved ( http://www.reserved.pl ); bag: Parfois; gloves: Zara

Photos by: Foka



Zara – ‘chanel’ jacket with metal finish – I want!

Zara long cut blazer

Zara Tweed jacket with elbow patches

Zara Oversized

Zara Velvet jacket





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