Not for Boys! ;)


The moment of the truth has come. What most of the Girls may be aware of already, the Boys may be just about to hear for the first time – Women dress up not for Men, but in most cases – for other Women! Yes you heard me right. Of course, if you love fashion as much as me, you probably do it for yourself just as much, but lets admit it, other Girls play a big part in what we wear and how often we dress up (we get inspiration from other girls, and often there’s some healthy! competition/stimulation going on too).

Of course, we like to look good for our Men, but it’s other Women who give us bigger motivation to stay on top of the trends. Why? No offence Guys, but you pay less attention to detail. It’s unusual enough for you to spot a new haircut that your Missus just got, and quite an impressive achievement to notice anything beyond that 🙂 Where a female friend will tell you that colour of your blouse matches your skin tone, new skirt elongates your figure, and this trendy top not only really fits your style, but also makes your arms look super toned, a Guy will (in most cases) only notice wheatear you are wearing pants or a skirt 🙂

That’s one of the reasons I addressed this post to Girls only. Wearing baggy pants and a shirt buttoned right to the top (read: looking like a bag of potatoes) wouldn’t get a lot of Men’s attention anyway 😛 but we, Girls, like to stay trendy sometimes, even if it means looking less feminine, and leave the dresses for special occasions (meeting our Men ‘of course’ ;).

I hope I managed to keep some of my feminine side, by combining these baggy sporty pants with delicate pale pink blouse finished off with embellishment on the collar. Studded ankle-boots with a bow on the back also link the two, girly and rocky styles.

Girls – this one is for you!

Harem pants: Zara; blouse: Primark; boots: Barrats; clutch: Warehouse

Photos by: Foka

Ania x


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  1. Ania, I need an advice! I see you wear dark bra to nude blouse – is that trendy or better (safer) to go all nude? I need to know as I don’t have one and here it is almost impossible to get anything of a good quality….?

    • Hey Danusia! Yes, it’s super trendy to wear a dark bra under a sheer blouse these days, but it’s not appropriate for every occasion. For going out & meeting friends (if you feel comfortable enough) it’s a big fat yes, but for work and such it’s best to keep your underwear invisible, by wearing nude or a tank top underneath the blouse/shirt! 🙂
      Ps. What a country is it not to have nude underwear! 😉 I can send you some from my work place if you wish! 🙂

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