This season – the size matters! ;)



There are some great news coming for all those who love comfy outfits – Autum/Winter12 is bursting with the designs of over-sized clothing! From 2meter long scarves that you can wrap around yourself about three times, through chunky boots, to oversized knitwear & outwear. And – the bigger the better! 🙂

It’s good news for two reasons. Oversized outfits are very comfy, but for those who care about the cut of their clothing, and don’t want to just put on a jumper that has stretched over the years – this year they can select from a vide range of new designs that are not just a bigger version of the old styles, but have a new, sleek design. Padded and wide shoulders, long cut of the coats and knits, long flanges & lowered buttons.

The other reason, for those who don’t want to spend a fortune on the new designs, is that they can create this new over-sized look themselves, without investing any extra money. When it comes to shirts & jackets, you can simply borrow them from a boyfriend or an older brother. Alternatively, instead of buying what’s in trend, you can just go for your favourite style, in a bigger size (ideally 2 sizes bigger) to achieve the desired look.

I’m a sucker for all the newness in the fashion world and I was looking for a nice over-sized knitwear. Luckily I didn’t have to wait long – I found and instantly fell in love with this beautiful cardigan.

I combined the cardigan with flock-floral printed pants, which are also big this season (think printed pants in intense colours like burgundy, deep blue, khaki – for casual look, and think jacquard pants in cream, black and pastel colours if you want to stay more elegant!) and a simple white shirt. Simple, comfy and classy!

Cardigan: Warehouse; blouse: Mango; pants: Zara; boots: Top Shop; bag: Longchamp; necklace: Wallis; bracelets: Cos

Photos by: Foka

Look how cosy the over-sized jumpers can be!

And here are some other examples of printed & Jacquard pants.


Elizabeth & James





Ania x


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