Statement jewelry – the gold fever!



This year, more than ever, I started to believe in power of small details, and the impact that they have on the overall look of your outfit. Yes, you got it right – I’m talking about jewelry here, and to be more exact – about necklaces. Bold, sparkly, jeweled, studded, embellished, with birds… or even skulls – everything is allowed, and the more impactful & ‘in your face’ they are , the more efortless putting the rest of your outfit (to go with the necklace) will be. As a bold necklace, this season, could be the main piece of your outfit, rather than just an addition to it. Sounds silly? Take a plain black dress, finish it up with some sparkle around your neck, and your outfit will turn into a fancy dress. Take a plain white t-shirt, add a chunky necklace to it (no matter what style it is – rocky, sparkly or whatever else you can think of) and your look will gain a different feel to it. THE simplest t-shirt with a statement jewelry is probably my favourite combination this year. It so simple, but aslo really cool and edgy, you will always look trendy and young, even if you’re wearing just a pair of jeans and Converse to go with it. It’s that easy! I fell in love with trendy necklaces so much  recently, that sometimes I catch myself on planning my outfit around the necklace that I want to wear, rather than treating it as the finish touch and addition to my look. And what’s important – I think it really works! Try it for yourself 🙂

That’s exactly what happened with the necklace taht I’m wering in the pictures below – I knew it would be the main part of my outfit – I just needed to pick pieces to go with it 🙂 I put my bet on a leathery top (which I love love love) and mustard pants! Bold necklace – bold combination! 🙂 It also works really well with black head-to-toe, which is a safer option (more appropriate for work), or combined with my leopard print ankle-boots, but here is the gold fever option presented below 🙂

Top: Zara; necklace: Zara; jeaans: Warehouse; clutch: H&M; shoes: Dune; bracelet

Photos by Foka


Ania x


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