As easy, as a walk in the park!



First of all I would like to THANK YOU ALL for visiting my blog! The number of visits grows day on day which reassures me that my work isn’t going to waste 🙂 I’m chuffed with Your reaction, and that keeps me motivated to keep up the work (read:pleasure) 🙂

You often ask me for my idea for a casual/every day outfit, or something suitable for the weekend. My advice is – keep it simple. Fashion shouldn’t make you feel uncomfortable, and putting together an outfit shouldn’t be a pain. To enjoy dressing up, do your job right while shopping, and buy pretty/cool pieces that you will love wearing, and then creating a look ‘on the go’ will be as easy as walk in the park. Wear what you feel comfortable in, if you put on something that’s not you, just to stay trendy, people will be able to notice that the look doesn’t really suit you! I love my knitwear (if only I could knit…;)), so especially now, in winter, I won’t have to think twice of what to put on – it will be a cosy wooly jumper, and most likely a pair of jeans (or coloured skinnies). Ideally – converse on my feet (or ankle boots for colder/rainy days), especially for running around the city, and a simple bag. Want to add something different to your outfit? Try wearing a necklace in a neon colour, patterned scarf, or… a belt around your waist. Simple addition and keeps the outfit fresh.

This outfit, was literally created on the go, but I’ll have more ‘outfits of the day’ coming soon. Feel free to share Your favorites with me!

Jumper & jeans: Zara; boots: Top Shop; belt: Warehouse; bag: Longchamp; hat: Superdry; gloves: boutique in Poland

Photos by: Foka


A x


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