Statement t-shirts: A day with Marilyn!


Hello again!

After a long break, I’m back with some fresh posts 🙂 I feel like I owe you some explanation for my disappearing. To cut a long story short – the life took over! Simple as. But don’t worry, I have been working, shopping ;p and looking for inspirations in a meantime, so there will be lots of new material coming Your way soon. Thank You for Your patience!

Speaking of inspirations… There are a few style icons that have always inspired me in the way I dress, not only when it comes to fashion itself, but also when it comes to the way a Lady should hold herself, both through her elegance and.. staying feminine! An unquestionable example of such, is a queen of beauty and sex-appeal – Mrilyn Monrooe.

Don’t worry – I’m not gonna show you a look based on a white dress being blown by the wind (I’d love to, but I’m affraid I wouldn’t be able to pull it off!). Instead, I will show you how I combined one of my favorite wardrobe items – statement t-shirt (with Marilyn!), girly mini skirt and some leather. To stay flirty and feminine I added dotted tights (patterns are back!) and furry snood (must have item of the season!).

When it comes to statement t-shirts, they can be anything – tees with the name of your favorite music band, with simple text, (I’ve one that says GEEK! ;p), or like in this case, picture of an icon of any kind (Che Guevara is probably the most re-printed face for a t-shirt in the history), so the sky is the limit. Be conscious while wearing statement t-shirts to a workplace (especially if the statement on your tee is of delicate nature, not to offend anybodys feelings), but feel free to express your thoughts/beliefs through your tee everywhere else.

As one of the style icons, Marilyn has definitely deserved a place on my tee!








Skirt & snood: Top Shop, t-shirt: River Island; jacket: Warehouse; boots: Top Shop; bag: Ted Baker

Photos by: Jose Carlos Lorenzo

Have a Fantastic New Year, and I promise I will be back soon 🙂



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