Puss inBoots ;)



The furry season (read: winter) is nearly over (at least in Ireland) and I hasn’t even gotten cold enough yet to wear a proper fur! Well, maybe except for a few nights, so I hope you took the most of it and brought your fur out for the glamurous nights out (which these cosy items are, btw, most appropriate for)! I, on the other hand, invested in some other fluffy items this year (rather than a coat itself) which I knew would last me a bit longer and which I could get some use out of  even when it starts to get warmer. Snood, fluffy hat and gloves, and… this beautiful waistcoat! I spotted it while looking for Xmas presents for my family, and thought this could do as a nice gift for myself 🙂 ahh.. you need to treat yourself from time to time! It’s black so it goes with everything, and can even be worn to work instead  of a blazer, if you, like me – don’t like the very ‘smart’ look and prefer the more casual alternatives. 🙂 And when it gets milder outside, I wear my furry waistcoat instead of a jacket, and to keep me warm – put on some boots (Puss in boots like ;p), over-the knee height socks and I fear no wind! :p

2012 - 19 copy

2012 - 58 copy

2012 - 61 copy

2012 - 60 copy


2012 - 31 copy

2012 - 64 copy

2012 - 33 copy

2012 - 5 copy

2012 - 93 copy

2012 - 73 copy

Waistcoat:Promod; top: Zara; skirt & boots: Top Shop; hat: H&M; socks: Penneys; bag: Ted Baker; bracelet: Cos

Photos by: Foka



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