Military style – winter edition.


Hola Everyone,

Let me introduce you to my latest version of military style: its winter edition! 🙂 It’s a trend that started good while ago now, was carried over through winter, and will probably stay with us for another couple of months.  It was one of my favorite trends in the past year  (as those clothes are usually extremely comfy!), so I bought lots of pieces that fall under that category. Enough, to carry me through winter 😉  Until the stores start filing their shelves with new collections anyway 🙂 YAY to New Collections! Yes, I cannot wait! But for now, I dig into my current resources trying to make the most of my existing wardrobe before it goes out of fashion again! So here’s another one of my military shirts, which with skinnies, creates an ‘outfit ready in 5 min’! I’ve also added a wintery accent, double-sided silver/grey scarf, that will not only keep me warm, but will also highlight the studded pads on my shirt, and make the outfit a little bit different. Instead of black leg, which with a dark shade of my shirt would make the whole outfit look  a little bit too boy-ish for my liking ;p I went for a light grey jeans. But he shirt also goes well with black.. mini skirt, or red pants! And probably also with many other options which I just haven’t tried out yet. Remember to experiment with the pieces of your wardrobe! Although we all have our fave combos, and tend to wear the same jumper with the same pair of jeans (and so on) all the time, sometimes it’s good to break out our usual sets/combinations of clothes and mix them with something different from time to time. Try it, and the amount of outfits in your wardrobe will double, if not triple! Happy mixing! 🙂









Photos by: Foka




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