Monochrome made fun!


Hello Peeps!

Ireland was never blessed with the excess of sunshine, so every time I see a blue sky above my head, I garb my shades and dress in lighter outwear, because- who knows – it may be the only day of summer that we get this year! So I will better hurry and take the most of it! 😉 Sunny days always inspire me to dress nicer (as I don’t have to think which shoes or coat are more practical and won’t get soaked if it’s lashing outside) and I can go a bit crazy with lighter shades and a bit of colour! On this sunny afternoon I decided to make some use of my new spring coat, manly-shaped with black&white leopard print pattern. As mentioned earlier, monochrome makes probably the biggest statement on the SS13 colour palette. Why not make a bit more fun and interesting by trying out different patterns? There is a lot to choose from: stripes, 60’s check, and of course, timeless animal prints. Monochrome worn with black keeps the look clean and classy. Worn with denim makes it young and fresh, and mixed with coulour, trendy and fun. Go for your favorite combo, or better, change it every day depending on your mood, as, like nearly every woman, you probably have many different sides to you -(I know I do!) ;), why not to express it with your clothes 🙂 Here’s Yay to spring and fresh ideas, both for life (for the upcoming year) and the outfits!

Have a lovely Sunday! 🙂





IMG_9896 copy1


IMG_9871 copy


IMG_9897 copy

IMG_9896 copy

aniaa copy1

Coat: Zara; top: All Saints; jeans & necklace: Wrehouse: Bag: Accessorize: boots: Primark: earrings: Aldo; watch: Michael Kors; glasses: Ray Ban

Photos by: Foka



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