Keep it casual..



Lets hope that one day, my petition to extend the weekend to 3 days a week, will eventually get accepted and executed by the US government (the rest of the World will follow), but until then, we just have to take the most of the wee 2 days that we currently get! I’m a very active person, and even my days off are usually planned back to back, therefore I value the comfort of my outfits! I mentioned it many times before, but since sporty clothes are not usually the lead theme on the catwalks, I sometimes forget to update you on the more casual trends.. So here it comes.

For bottoms, think: leggings, jeggings, or of course, timeless jeans. Ideally, baggy – so called ‘boyfriend’s jeans’, which you can easily ‘make’ yourself (borrow a pair from your Man or an older Bro!) or simply buy regular jeans in a size or 2 too big! Remember, in order to achieve the comfy look, fold up the legs of your jeans and show off a bit of the skin! Rule to remember: don’t wear socks with your trainers, unless they cannot be seen from under your shoe! I know, I love my fluffy sock too, but colourful legs a la Sesame Street should be reserved for cosy nights in, in front of the tv!

When it comes to tops, think: anything that comes to your mind, that does not restrict your moves! May it be a denim/military shirt, loose cardigan or simple white tee. As it’s still a bit chill outside I put my bet on a plain jumper. It’s simple, which allows me to feel comfortable in, but ‘dressy’ enough in case I need to drop in for a bite (into a public place ;p).

Finally, for comfort on your feet, think: trainers, loafers or flat boots, according to personal preference. As mentioned earlier, as the King of the Moonwalk is not amongst us anymore (RIP), don’t flash your white socks in public, especially in combination with black footwear (not for this type of look anyway), those times are gone. Since I had to forget about wearing my multicolored socks myself, I decided to inject a a hint of colour into my outfit by adding a purple watch and pop-coloured nails.

IMG_9987 copy

IMG_9971 copy

IMG_0009 copy

IMG_9963 copy

IMG_9951 copy

IMG_9986 copy

IMG_0028 copy


IMG_0049 copy


IMG_9999 copy

IMG_0025 copy

IMG_9988 copy

Jumper: Ted Baker; jeans and sunglasses: Mango; bag: Jasper Conran; trainers: Fred Perry; necklace: Dorothy Perkins; watch: Swatch

Photos by: Foka




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