Neon! Neon! Neon!


Hello Peeps 🙂

During what seems to be the longest wait for spring ever!, even the biggest lover of b&w as me (as you may have noticed), feels the urge to brighten up the dull days by injection of some colour, even if it’s just to your wardrobe! Who knows, maybe spring will get jealous and get to us quicker 😉

If you want to stay on top of the trends, choose from the vide palette of brights: yellow, bright green, oranges, intense reds (in toned version, for more elegant feel)  and all of the above in neon – to achieve more funky look. But remember – don’t force the trendy colours on yourself, if you don’t feel comfortable in them, as “the most beautiful colour in the world is the one that looks good on you” (Coco Chanel).

You can apply the colour to your wardrobe by choosing a main piece of your outfit in a bright shade, like a jacket or pants, or if you feel that it’s still to early in the year to go colour-crazy with your wardrobe, inject some life into your look by adding a bright accessory. Let it be a clutch bag, a scarf, statement jewelry, or…crazy coloured nails!

The key to ‘pulling-off’ the neon trend (which may sound a bit scary to some), is to maintain the proportions properly – simply by balancing it out with some safe colours from the basic palette. Never wear neon head-to-toe, just to make sure people will spot how trendy you are-  it’s bright enough, no matter how little of it you apply to your look, there is no need to worry – it won’t go unnoticed! 😉

I went for a plain, lime-green vest, and toned it down by adding black leather jacket and grey pants. Such a small effort, and such a big improvement to my mood 🙂 Try it for yourself!

IMG_0048 copy


IMG_0021 copy



IMG_9983 copy




IMG_0025 copy

Top: H&M; jacket: Warehouse; pants: Zara; shoes: Top Shop: necklace: Top Shop

Photos by: Foka




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