Loose fit.



“Your clothes should be tight enough to show that you are a woman, but loose enough to show you are a Lady”. Those words by a legendary, Marilyn Monroe, are probably the only fashion rule that I always try to obey. ‘Thank Crunchie’ for the looser clothes and the boy-ish trends, which allow us to still look feminine, and feel comfortable at the same time. When I can, I forget about the trends and put on something that I fell good in, and in which I can relax. That’s when loose clothes come in handy. They also work, when you want to hide the part of your body that you’re not particularly crazy about. Loose tops help hide your belly, so you can eat your lunch without having to hold your breath for the rest of the day worrying that the food you’ve just eaten will show under your top 😉 I eat everything that’s put in front of me, so I’m extra grateful for the  loose fitted clothes in my wardrobe 😉

I also love tunic-shaped tops because they can be worn with leggings, without looking like you’ve forgotten to put your skirt on. There are so many options of leggings to choose from, from regular ones in variety of colours, to ones with studs, zips or leather inserts, but I was always hesitant to wear them in public,  until I’ve found long enough top to go with them. Because you need to remember  (no matter how great legs you have), you should always cover your bottom, either with a skirt or longer top, like I did.

This time I tried some colour blocking: b&w mixed with green leggings, and mink bag & heels to break it through. Now I’m off to have some lunch 🙂

IMG_9921 copy

IMG_9894 copy


IMG_9928 copy

IMG_9910 copy

IMG_9915 copy

IMG_9905 copy

IMG_9899 copy

IMG_9942 copy


IMG_9898 copy

IMG_9964 copy

new1 copy



Top & leggings: Zara; bag: Warehouse; wedges: New Look

Photos by: Foka


Enjoy your day!



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