High-collared shirts to the rescue!



It’s this unfortunate time of the year again, when due to the lack of sunshine (and with summer holidays being a distant memory at this stage) – I try to avoid showing off my skin. Partially because the last trails of my summer tan are faded and long  forgotten (and I just don’t like the when my skin is so pale that it could win against snow in a competition for the whitest white) but also because it’s not good for your skin to expose it to the low temperatures and icy-cold air. Just like the skin on your face or your hands need special treatment during winter, the rest of your body (especially your neck – most prone to show the signs of ageing) needs that extra layer of protection! In that instance, scarves may seem like the best solution, and they are… but you only wear them outdoors. What about an every-day look to be worn indoors? I’m not the biggest fan of turtle-necks, and at this stage I’m tired of wearing heavy jumpers, so I call ‘High-collared shirts to the rescue!’ Handy for any occasion, and can be worn on its own, as well as with a cardi or a little blazer jacket. Simple as!

I went for one of my favourite items – bow-tie shirt, and for the extra warmth and to dress my outfit down a little, I worn a plain top with leather/zip inserts over it. To tie the look together I added coated jeans and studded boots, and to break down the dull colours I’ve added a bright yellow clutch.

You can also try one of your plain or denim shirts and button them up to the top to achieve similar look. Have fun with it!




IMG_7317 copy

IMG_7335 copy

IMG_7333 copy



IMG_7356 copy


IMG_7368 copy

IMG_7304 copy

IMG_7383 copy

IMG_7352 copy

Photos by: Foka

Shirt: New Yorker; top and jeans: Zara; boots: Top Shop; clutch: Primark




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