It’s Summertime!


Hello my favorite Peeps!

I know it’s been a while since I posted last.. But I’m back today, because TODAY, is special.. And it’s special for at least two reasons! First of all, the summer is in the full swing, and the sunshine is spoiling us, which is always a good reason to share happiness, but also, because today is exactly a year since I first started sharing my words of wisdom, and silly thoughts on fashion on pages of this blog!! 🙂 The time flew and my silly interest in fashion turned into this fun, no-hands-on-the-wheel journey, which not only was fun in itself, but also exposed me to many other interesting projects and experiences, which I’m extremely grateful for – and it’s all thanks to You Guys, it wouldn’t have happened without ya!! Thanks so much for sticking up with me – I feel the love!! So on this special occasion I thought I should treat Ya to a new post! Ready!? 🙂

Today’s outfit is all about keeping your spirit up, whether it’s sunny or not! It’s easily done but applying a few simple rules. First of all, make sure that you keep your summer wardrobe completely separate to what you wear during colder days! It may sound obvious, but many of us make the habit of wearing our favorite pieces through the whole year. I don’t mean the wooly jumpers here, but a fave blouse, skirt or even a dress, which in winter we match with tights, and during warmer days pull off with showing bare, sun-kissed legs. Not that it’s a fashion fau-pax, cos it’s not! But wearing the same clothes the whole year round will make it harder for us to feel the difference in the passing seasons. It will be much easier for us to associate certain pieces of clothing with summer only, if we put them away for the rainy season. That way, every time we actually wear them – it will feel like the summer is just around the corner again 🙂

Another easy (and that’s what we like the most ;)) rule to obey  in order to brighten up our days, is wearing statement-colour pieces, or going a little bit crazy with funky patterns. This season think: florals, think: geometric prints. Well, when I say florals I mean  – within reason … as there’s only so much flowers one can take.. – after all, you don’t wanna pull Mrs Doubtfire… *ahem* – I mean Kim Kardashian. (I actually feel for the girl..).

I went for a mixture of colour and prints – red pants always make you noticeable in the crowd, but it’s up to you whether you should dress them up or dress them down (wearing red skinnies with a denim shirt is my favorite combo!). This time, tho, as it’s a special occasion after all – I dressed it up a little with classy but funky top and spiced it up with golden jewelry!



IMG_1075 copy

IMG_1008 copy


IMG_1081 copy

IMG_1056 copy



IMG_1039 copy

IMG_1010 copy

Top: Zara; jeans: H&M, boots: Top Shop; jewelry: Top Shop, H&M, Zara, watch: MK

Photos by: Foka

Ciao! Ania


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