Let it loose..


As the weather continues to spoil us, and I hear the first moans and complaints (that it’s suddenly too hot?!? as if such thing existed in Ireland!! ;-)) – I hurry to come to the rescue! No, not with a fan! – but with a quick advice of what to wear in the heat, to feel fresh and comfortable, and at the same time to avoid sarcastic comments in the likes of Dress for the body you have, not the body you wish you had..

Rule no one is : let it loose! Why? The sarcastic comments may sound mean or cheeky, but there’s definatley a little bit of thruth in them.. The fact that it’s warm does not mean that we should forget  about the simple rules of tastefulness. Short denim short are cool, but the cheeks on your face should be the only cheeks you wear on the display 😉 bikini tops are designed to be worn on the beach, and as for the belly tops – these are reserved for limited occasions only… So what does that leave us with? – loose clothing, that is! From maxi dresses, through playsuits to loose tops and sheer blouses, we should have enough to choose from! Tasteful and comfy! Light and fun!

My outfit is a work option really, but for a day in the park or bbq with friends I would go for little shorts with this over-sized shirt, as loose doesn’t need to mean shapeless! 😉





IMG_0095 copy




Shirt: Mango; trousers & necklace: Zara, shoes: New Look, bag: Mulberry; watch: Michael Kors; bracelet: Tresor of Paris

Photos by: Foka




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