Sport Luxe


Hello Peeps!

Hope life is treating you well!

Dunno how about you, but I get quite tired of my wardrobe from time to time (hence the amounts of clothes you can find in it!). I don’t mean the nearly every-day: I’ve got nothing to wear ‘drama’, but an actual need to refurbish the entire closet, or better – a complete change of style! Now, because I know myself quite well, I know that those flashes of genius may go as quickly as they came, and I will be back to missing my usual simple comfy clothes, so I don’t go too drastic and don’t give away all my clothes to charity every time such thought crosses my mind. Instead, just to satisfy my temporarily need of trying something new, I let myself loose and allow myself to go a little bit crazy. I try to apply trends that I love but which I normally wouldn’t consider my usual style, or simply things that are cool and corky, but not practical for work or my every day activities . That’s what weekends are for! This time I went for my fave of the latest trends – sport luxe. So easily done – just mix a sporty piece with something glam – let it be a statement jewelry piece, sparkly gadget (sequin shorts with a jersey top, etc) or a stand-out clutch bag! You can also go for a sporty clothes in combination with heels, and the luxe feel will speak through your outfit itself! I went for a sporty pants and baseball hat with heels combo – something different! šŸ˜‰

PS. I know my posts weren’t coming your way as frequently as they should recently, but I’ve got some news for you – now you can find me on Instagram with every-day updates of what I’m #wearing today – get the #4getmenot hash-tag trending!! @4getmenotblog

IMG_9955 copy





IMG_9973 copy

IMG_0001 copy

IMG_0015 copy


Photos by: Foka

Top & pants: Zara, shoes: Mango, necklace: Warehouse




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