Stand out piece – long waistcoat.



Manly-shaped, military-like and over-sized clothes completely took over women’s wardrobes in the past few seasons. From straight-cut coats, military shirts to perfectly tailored, elongated blazers. For as much as any girl can pull it off unquestionably, without affecting their femininity, I always make sure that if I go for the manly-tailored piece, I give it a little bit of a feminine touch. This fab piece – long sleeveless blazer, being quite feminine in itself, didn’t need too much of my input into making the outfit girly, but I wanted to put my own stamp on it by mixing it with something more unpredictable than skinnies and classy top (elegant take on the outfit). I matched it with simple tee, denim shorts and converse! Who said that blazers have to be stiff and boring? This casual combo only proves my favorite rule in clothing – that there’s no rules! As long as we feel comfortable in something, it should be acceptable, and the more different variations of outfits we can create with one stand out piece, the better! This time I created an every-day, casual look, but I’m sure my stand-out waistcoat will also be a base to many other, more classy outfits.

IMG_0062 copy


IMG_0077 copy

IMG_0086 copy

IMG_0074 copy

IMG_0111 copy

IMG_0089 copy




Waistcoat: Zara; t-shirt: Top Shop; shorts: Abercrombie & Fitch: trainers: Converse; clutch: Primark; jewelry: Edge/H&M

Photos by: Foka




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